Privacy Fencing

A range of fencing panels to give additional privacy to your garden.

  • Fence with trellis


    A very strong fence each component constructed on site, arris rails fitted to mortices within posts, gravel board at ground level to protect the featheredge and boarding nailed to rails (pictured with integral trellis as an alternative).
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  • Tongue and groove fence

    Tongued & Grooved Fence in Softwood

    Planed timber more formal in its appearance.
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  • Featherboard fence panel

    Featherboard Panel

    Prefabricated in a variety of styles (flat top, concave, or convex).
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  • Waney edge garden fence panel

    Waney Edge Panels

    Prefabricated fence panel using home grown larch slats, minimising movement (a common problem with inferior panels made with portugese pine).
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  • Featheredge Panels

    Prefabricated fence panel of a sturdy construction fully framed, faced with featheredge boards.
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  • Norfolk privacy fence

    Prefabricated Euro Panels

    Available to order in several different styles all provided in treated softwood details available upon request.
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