Corner Sheds

  • Corner garden shed

    Corner garden shed

    If space in your garden is at a premium or you just want something that little bit unusual, this is the garden shed for you! Exceptional headroom and a T&G floor and roof come as standard and there is a choice of door and window positions.

    Sizes - there is a choice of three standard sizes: 1.83m x 1.83m (6' x 6'), 2.13m x 2.13m (7' x 7') or 2.44m x 2.44m (8' x 8').

    Cladding available in T&G Shiplap or T&G Loglap cladding.

    Door - choice of three door positions (A,B,C - see diagram above).

    Height 1.83m (6') rising to between 2.18m (7'2") and 2.28 (7'6") depending upon actual building size

    Security Glazed from the inside and door is fitted with a padbolt.

    Optional Extras - Opening windows, Heavy duty framework, Double doors, Stable doors, Wider doors, Extra or Reduced height, Window boxes, Leaded Lights, etc.

    A= Door position (as per photo of Model 1)
    B= Door position (as per photo of Model 2)
    C= Door position (as per photo of Model 3)

  • Corner shed diagram

    Door positioning

    A= Door position
    B= Door position
    C= Door position
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